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Speaking of navigation, making sure yours is clear and easy to understand can also help to increase free website audit your dwell time. Of course, increasing your pages’ dwell timeisn’t exactly a cut-and-dried process.

Specifically, this usually occurs when a staging siteis indexed by Google. This will give you an idea of the work involved, as well as how this practice can improve SEO. Just remember to create 301 redirectsfor removed content, so visitors don’t get lost. On a similar note, you can also practice ‘content pruning’, which involves removing dated content from your site if it can’t be updated and improved. After all, deleting content you worked hard to create probably goes against your instincts. As noted by Alfred Lua, Yoast SEO can identify content that you may want to update. Posts you’ve marked as Cornerstone Content that hasn’t been edited in the last six months will appear under a Stale Cornerstone Contentlink in your Postslist.

For starters, make sure to always place important information above the fold where it’s easy to find. Google now supports the use of high-quality images, which is a great opportunity to spruce up your visual content. You may want to consider updating some of your older content by replacing less-than-ideal images with high-resolution versions. The best way to know how well your WordPress marketing is working over time is to set up a free account with Google Analytics. If you need some help, follow this step-by-step integration tutorial.

You should then check to ensure that the Show Categories in search resultsoption is enabled. However, we don’t recommend these, as they tend to hurt the performance of your site. Your web host plays a huge role in your site’s speed, so investing in quality managed WordPress providers is key.

This should provide some basic information about your brand, your mission, and what you have to offer visitors. It often helps to frame this content as a narrative, such as by describing how your brand came to be. To accommodate for this, Google applied changes to its algorithm that made EMDs a moot point. Basically, having an EMD is only helpful now if your site also has high-quality content. Alternatively, you may be able to remove this link by editing your theme’s footer.phpfile. However, this can be a little trickier, so it’s best to stick with the Customizer if possible. The main problem is that when presented with two identical posts, Google doesn’t know which one to rank higher.

If you need SEO tips or are just starting out and confused, these can be great places to ask for additional help. When it comes to WordPress SEO, there are both on-page and off-page optimizations to manage. We shared some of each with you above, all of which are very important.

Hypothetically, this means that your staging site could outrank your actual web pages, which would be awkward, to say the least. It might sound silly to have two identical copies of the same content, but it happens more often than you might think.