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Sep 16, 2021 Uncategorized

Seo Writing Tips

In short, they found that longer content, even when other possible factors are accounted for, still ranks better. With all of this said, remember that your content should always sound natural and make sense. Work your keyword naturally into your opening, rather than simply stuffing into your first paragraph for free seo’s sake. The first paragraph of any post or page is very important. It is always recommended to add your focus keyword within the opening, if possible.

A well-written meta description can entice users to click on your post instead of the one above or below it in SERPs. Whenever you write a blog post or publish a page on your WordPress site, you should always have a focus keyword in mind. Don’t just craft a post for the sake of pushing out more content. Coming out on top with affilaite marketing depends on delivering a high-quality website experience with awesome content. For businesses, this winning comes by following the basic ingredients of WordPress SEO best-practices. Read on to find out the true meaning of SEO and how to use it in marketing your business.

If they share it over their social profiles, their posts can send more traffic your way. They help spread authority throughout your website, as they are dofollow links.

Usually, you’ll incorporate them when referring to other content you have written or when linking to your own landing page. Internal links are those that point from one page or post on your WordPress site to another page or post on the same site.

The reason is that Google crawls content from top to bottom, and if it finds your keyword quickly, it’s more likely to deem your article as relevant to that topic. Top-ranked sites choose Kinsta to handle the high volume of traffic they get from search. Also, it’s wise to include your focus keyword in your meta description. Google will highlight the search term in bold when displaying it in search results. Meta descriptions do not affect your WordPress SEO when it comes to rankings.